WTSH mission statement:

Supported by the State of Schleswig-Holstein and its chambers of industry and commerce, chambers of handicrafts and universities, WTSH is a one-stop agency for companies wanting to set up business or expand their operations in Schleswig-Holstein. Our main focus is on small and mid-sized companies.

Our activities help to generate added value and new jobs in Schleswig-Holstein. We demand a lot of ourselves, our competencies, the quality of our services and the resultant benefits for our customers.

We are not just a consulting company but, in particular, a service provider. Our goal is always to work with our customers to solve their problems. We offer hands-on, value-creating support in situations where small and mid-sized businesses face bottlenecks or are confronted with obstacles they cannot overcome, or cannot do so efficiently. We work with our customers, shareholders and partners in an atmosphere of mutual trust and openness.

Qualities that convince our customers:

  • Our specialist, method-related, social and personal competencies
  • Our strong customer orientation
  • Our motivation and engagement
  • Our trustworthiness, reliability and loyalty
  • Our efficiency and flexibility