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Schleswig-Holstein is attracting more and more visitors, which is heightening the interesting in this state as a hotel location. WTSH offers a service that is unique in Germany – systematic investment management for hotel projects. This service is the main point of contact for investors, hotel operators, project developers and local authorities.

Arrivals, overnight stays and length of stay of guests in Schleswig-Holstein

Investment management

The WTSH Investment Management Team supports investors, hotel operators, project developers and local authorities at every phrase of a hotel project – free of charge and without obligation. This broadly based service aims to facilitate market entry for all concerned:

  • Locating and evaluating potential hotel sites
  • Drawing up individual utilisation concepts
  • Brokering project partners
  • Support in all planning legislation and conceptual matters
  • Acting as an intermediary in negotiations with government bodies
  • Assisting in grant applications
  • Outlining financing possibilities

Schleswig-Holstein’s tourism industry

• Gross turnover (2018): > €7.4 bn
• Overnight stays (2018): 34.5 million
• Average stay: 4.1 days (among the longest in Germany)

Schleswig-Holstein as a hotel location

  • Nearly 1,200 km of coastline on the North Sea and Baltic
  • Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site
  • Picturesque towns and cities with a wide range of cultural, culinary, wellness, leisure and shopping attractions
  • Easily accessible via Hamburg and Lübeck Airports, ferries to Kiel, Lübeck and Puttgarten from Scandinavia and the Baltic States, and by car via the A1 and A7 motorways
  • Outstanding business climate thanks to low commercial tax rates and a plentiful supply of well qualified personnel

Tourism strategy for 2025

Schleswig-Holstein’s tourism strategy for 2025 focuses on priority areas to make the state’s tourism industry even more competitive. One of these areas is:

Supporting the establishment of new hotels

The establishment of modern, attractive hotels is an integral part of the strategy to secure the competitiveness of Schleswig-Holstein’s tourism industry. Moreover, this state will continue to provide this kind of financial support in future. The grants will be focused on concepts that are in line with the state’s leading target groups in the tourism sector.

Moreover, grants will continue to be available for individual hotel businesses or the modernisation of existing hotels. We will glad to advise you on this.

Investment in public tourism infrastructure

The development or upgrading of the state’s tourism-related public infrastructure will continue to be supported through official grants.

In furthering the public-sector tourism infrastructure, the state government will prioritise the following goals in future:

  • Increasing the attractiveness of the tourism infrastructure and in particular the maritime infrastructure for visitors and locals
  • Creating incentives for follow-up investment by the private sector
  • Improving transport links to Schleswig-Holstein’s holiday destinations and mobility within the state
  • Enhancing competitiveness in national and international terms
  • Generating offerings that boost demand for low-season holidays

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