Business location consulting

The WTSH Business Location Team supports investors in all phases of setting up a business – from searching for the right site and arranging for the right contacts to subsidies and financing advice. This service is provided free of charge and without any obligation.

  • Setting up a new business in Schleswig-Holstein
  • Establishing a branch of your company in Schleswig-Holstein
  • Relocating your company to Schleswig-Holstein

Whether you want to establish, expand or relocate your business, it’s always best to go for Schleswig-Holstein!

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Our competencies

Searching for the right site

We will help you find the right property or commercial/industrial site in Schleswig-Holstein.

  • Information about Schleswig-Holstein’s economy and this state as a business location
  • Information about existing infrastructures
  • Search for suitable sites and/or properties
  • Development of customised locational solutions

This “state between two seas” offers you an outstanding business climate, favourable infrastructure and high quality of life – and much more besides. Industrial projects will find locations with excellent infrastructure links along growth axes (e.g. the Fehmarn Belt route) or on spacious ex-army sites. Schleswig-Holstein also offers building land at unique waterside locations and booming tourism regions for high-return hotel or holiday apartment projects.

Funding and financing

We will answer any questions you may have about subsidies for and financing of your plans to establish, expand or relocate your business.

  • Information about state subsidies
  • Contacts to Schleswig-Holstein’s funding institutions
  • Support in obtaining financing

If you invest in Schleswig-Holstein, your project may well be eligible for funding. Subsidies can be granted for relocating your business to Schleswig-Holstein, establishing a new branch of the your business, setting up a new business or taking over another company in Schleswig-Holstein. The precondition for funding is the creation of permanent jobs that are subject to social security contributions. The subsidy may be as high as 20% of your investment sum, with the actual amount dependent on the company’s organisational structure, number of new jobs created and location in Schleswig-Holstein. The funding comes from the state’s Business Promotion Programme

Arranging the right contacts

Our business location consultants offer investors access to a broad network of contacts in the worlds of business and politics.

  • Contacts to public- and private-sector institutions in Schleswig-Holstein
  • Assistance in negotiations with public authorities
  • Support in completing application forms and licensing or approval procedures

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Why not get in touch with your business location consultants at WTSH!

Jürgen Delfs

Director of Business Investment Department

Phone: +49 431 66 666-870
Fax: +49 431 66 666-794
Eva Ertmann

Assistant of Business Investment Department

Phone +49 431 66 66 6-8 71
Fax +49 431 66 66 6-7 94
Steffen Assfalg

Business location consultant

Telefon: +49 431 66 66 6-8 72
Telefax: +49 431 66 66 6-7 94

Kristian Hamel

Business location consultant

Phone: +49 431 66 666-878
Fax: +49 431 66 666-794
Petra Stangenberg

Business location consultant for hotel projects

Phone: +49 431 66 666-877
Fax: +49 431 66 666-794
Nicole Wallmann

Business location consultant

Phone: +49 431 66 666-876
Fax: +49 431 66 666-794
Beate Zitzlaff

Business location consultant

Phone: +49 431 66 666-874
Fax: +49 431 66 666-794