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100 years of being future-proof!
The year 2021 was a special one for Gebrüder Friedrich Schiffswert (the ‘Friedrich Brothers’ Shipyard’). It has been 100 years since the shipyard was established by the brothers Wilhelm and Johann Friedrich. We spoke with owner and Managing Director Kathrin Birr about the major challenges for the company in the past and the future.
Together for innovative medicine
Life Science Nord is the regional branch network for medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals and promotes the cooperation between business, science and politics in a targeted manner - to increase the innovative ability and for more international visibility of the life science location Northern Germany. The WTSH online editorial team spoke to Jan Philip Denkers, PR & Communications Manager at the Life Science North Cluster.
HY5 auf HydrogenExpo in Bremen
5 states, 1 mission, joint forces: We want to establish a green hydrogen economy in Northern Germany. How? At the Hydrogen Technology Conferences & Expo Europe in Bremen we will show you how we imagine the future. Make sure to stop by at our booth on October 20 and 21. Hydrogen Technology Conferences & Expo Europe brings together the entire supply chain: More than 90 international speakers, 100 companies and over 2,000 attendees will discuss and explore the latest technologies, engineering solutions and developments.
Into the future for, and with, regenerative energy
Schleswig-Holstein is a pioneer in the field of renewable energies. In order to be able to use energy sustainably, efficient energy storage systems are necessary. This is exactly why the company UniverCell from the true north was looking for a location in Schleswig-Holstein.
Shining the light on candidates for COVID drugs
Extensive X-ray screening at DESY’s PETRA III lightsource in collaboration with the European XFEL User labs and other research institutes reveals binding to key virus protein.
Green Hydrogen in Northern Germany
Northern Germany is shaping up to become a hotspot for green hydrogen. What’s in it for your business? Find out in our 4 digital briefings about the five Northern States.
China: Export boom despite Corona
In the first two months of this year, compared to the same period last year, China's global export quota rose by 60.6% and the import quota rose by more than 20%, exceeding the experts' expectations. The export winners: producers of goods that are in demand around the world during the pandemic: medical equipment, laptops, screens or masks. The export quota of German companies to China increased by more than 30% compared to the same period of the previous year. Schleswig-Holstein companies can also benefit from this growth.
The settlement balance 2020
In Germanys True north, the framework conditions are right. Despite the pandemic, the state's economic development agency and the economic development agencies of the districts and urban districts together with the development centers were able to achieve a positive settlement result. A total of 114 companies decided to set up a new location in Schleswig-Holstein last year, thereby creating 1,872 new jobs.
Digital pole position
More than 18,000 kilometers of fiber optics are in operation in Schleswig-Holstein. 38 percent of all households have already booked a connection. The national average is currently around 11 percent. This means that the real north continues to occupy the top position nationwide in fiber optic expansion. Further information on the importance of fiber optic expansion for SH can be found in the current issue of Wirtschaftsland.
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