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Top Investment in 2023 in Schleswig-Holstein
Germany is one of the world's most attractive business and investment locations. Within the European Union, the country enjoys a reputation as the preferred business destination for international investors.
Growth through innovation
With the innovation project of Paul Groth Mühlenbau GmbH & Co. KG, discover how company growth can be achieved with new, innovative processes - with the support of the WTSH innovation consultants and the state's funding programs.
How can international specialists be successfully integrated?
wobe-system Gmbh from Kiel has a lot of experience with international specialists. However, successful integration into everyday working life is not a sure-fire success. How does it succeed?
Innovation project at WISKA Hoppmann
By switching to a networked value chain, WISKA Hoppmann GmbH would like to optimize the information and material flow process in the future using automated warehouse technology. Find out more about this innovation project in the interview.
100 lion-strong years
Tradition, sustainability, quality - consistent for 100 years and yet changing. How family business Loewe Scheren moves with the times and why it is so important to treat employees as equals.
USP customer service
What are the challenges for a machine tool supplier that has been successful for 100 years and how is Knuth GmbH positioning itself for the future?
150 years of i nnovation
Innovation is a tradition at Herose in Schleswig-Holstein. And that has been the case for 150 years. How the specialist for valves and fittings provides ice-cold safety worldwide.
Vishay creates new jobs: Large investment in modern chip factory
How the company Vishay ensures more independence in chip production in the True North.
Home advantage for battery technology
Batteries: The key technology for electric mobility and stationary energy storage. In the state of renewable energies Schleswig-Holstein, leading scientific institutions and high-tech companies are working on the development of battery technology.
An energy revolution with green hydrogen
GP JOULE uses the location advantages in the real north and makes a significant contribution to the market ramp-up of green hydrogen. Why does Schleswig-Holstein offer the best conditions for the company and the new technology?
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