Funding consulting

The WTSH team advises investors on funding for investment and innovation projects in Schleswig-Holstein.

Investment funding

Schleswig-Holstein’s Business Promotion Programme funds sustainable investment projects to offset the locational disadvantages of companies (including those from the tourism industry) in structurally weak areas. The aim is to create or secure regular jobs (i.e. those subject to social security contributions). These monies come from a German fund for improving regional economic structures and the EU’s European Regional Development Fund.

What aims does this funding have?

  • Cushioning the business risks of investment projects
  • Offsetting locational disadvantages to strengthen the competitiveness and adaptability of Schleswig-Holstein’s economy

Who is entitled to such funding?

Small and mid-sized businesses domiciled in Schleswig-Holstein and with sales beyond the region

To find out more simply get in touch with our business location consultants. 

How are companies supported?

  • Non-returnable investment subsidy for capital expenditure
  • Amount of subsidy for projects to establish new business premises or extend existing ones (as a percentage of eligible investment costs)

To find out more simply get in touch with our business location consultants. 

Innovation funding

In Schleswig-Holstein WTSH is the main service provider for funding in the fields of:

  • Innovation – strengthening regional innovation potentials
  • Renewables – efforts to reduce CO2 emissions as part of the state’s Business Promotion Programme

In addition, we are also your contact for funding to open up foreign markets.

Our Funding Team will accompany you en route to the right funding programme.

We can answer the following questions:

  • Is my project entitled to funding?
  • Which funding programme is my project eligible for?
  • What conditions have to be fulfilled for such funding?
  • How do I apply for funds?
  • What alternative financing possibilities are there?

In Schleswig-Holstein WTSH is the main service provider for funding in the fields of innovation and renewables as part of the state’s Business Promotion Programme. For the period 2014-2020 this Programme has received a total of €271 million from the European Regional Development Fund to subsidise projects in Schleswig-Holstein.

What are the goals of this funding?

The main aim is to boost the competitiveness of Schleswig-Holstein as a business location as well as of the companies based here; a consequential goal is to boost employment.

What can be subsidised?

Projects with the following goals:

  • Strengthening regional innovation potentials through
    • In-company research, development and innovation
    • Process- and business organisation-related innovations
    • Innovation assistants
    • Combined or cooperative projects
    • Centres of excellence
    • Expansion of the application-oriented R&D infrastructure
  • Efforts to reduce CO2 emissions through
    • R&D and demonstration projects for the generation, distribution and storage of renewable energy sources
    • Use of renewable energy sources in companies
    • Energy efficiency (including environmental innovations)

What form does the funding take?

Non-repayable subsidies

Where does the funding come from?

These innovation subsidies are funded from Schleswig-Holstein’s Business Promotion Programme, which bundles the state’s most important economic and regional policy subsidy measures. Most of the money comes from the European Regional Development Fund.

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