International networks and platforms

WTSH’s excellent network is not just confined to Schleswig-Holstein. We offer a variety of platforms and networks for establishing contacts across Europe and the world. Undertaking sales or procurement activities, investigating new export markets, acquiring customers or finding cooperation, development or sales partners for your products or services – whatever you needs, we can supply you with the right solution.


Schleswig-Holstein Business Centers (SHBC)

WTSH has its own representative offices (SHBCs) in key growth markets. What’s more, our SHBCs can also offer you an office-in-office solution in each country. You benefit from:

  • Our business contacts in each country
  • Organisation and service for your business trips
  • Your own office in the SHBC premises
  • Establishment of a permanent postal address and phone and fax numbers for your company
  • Excellent office facilities through use of the entire SHBC infrastructure
  • Your own employee, whom WTSH makes solely responsible for your office
  • Support in the initial phase of your operations in the particular country

Our own representative offices (SHBCs) around the world:

» Hangzhou (China)
» New Delhi (India)
» São Paulo (Brazil)
» Moscow (Russia)
» Jakarta (Indonesia)
» Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
» Ho-Chi-Minh (Vietnam)

Your contacts

Why not get in touch with the Foreign Trade Team at WTSH!

Torsten Drews

Director of Foreign Trade Department

Phone: +49 431 66 666-835
Fax: +49 431 66 666-760
Christian Decker

Foreign trade consultant Country expertise: Brazil/China/India

Phone: +49 431 66 666-837
Fax: +49 431 66 666-760

Annette Moritz

Foreign trade consultant Country expertise: Russia enterprise europe network

Phone: +49 431 66 666-836
Fax: +49 431 66 666-760
Bernd Schlegel

Foreign trade consultant Country expertise: Vietnam/Malaysia/Indonesia

Phone: +49 431 66 666-863
Fax: +49 431 66 666-760