Enterprise Europe Network – the marketplace for international technology partnerships

If you’re looking across Europe for customers, suppliers, users, sales or development partners for your products or services, Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the answer:

  • Brokering cooperation partnerships for sales, production, technology transfer and R&D
  • Organising cooperation forums at leading European trade fairs
  • Providing detailed information about the European economy

With some 600 partner organisations in 60 countries EEN offers a comprehensive service network for promoting cross-border business. WTSH is a partner in the EEN Hamburg-Schleswig-Holstein. We can help you procure targeted business partners, advise you on EU funding programmes, organise international cooperation forums and inform you about European business issues – free of charge and with no bureaucratic hurdles. Just get in touch or visit our website: enterprise europe network Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein

Online database – the marketplace for cooperation offers

Searching for cooperation partners

Use our database to search for potential partners in business, technology or R&D projects. Just click on “Search” and then “Profiles”.

Searching for international EEN events

Use our website to search for events organised by EEN partners worldwide. Just click on “Search” and then “Profiles”.

With one click to the online-database.

Brokerage events – matchmaking at leading European trade fairs

Why not utilise the matchmaking events organised by EEN at leading European trade fairs to contact potential cooperation partners fast?

This is how you can profit from EEN matchmaking events:

  1. Search the online EEN database for potential cooperation partners and arrange a meeting at the trade fair you will be attending.
  2. Draw up a profile of your company or a specific cooperation offer in the online EEN database.
  3. Enjoy a time-saving meeting at a single EEN matchmaking event.

That’s what we call speed dating for business people!

Brokerage events

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Why not get in touch with the EEN Team at WTSH!

Jenny Dümon

Project Manager
enterprise europe network

Phone: +49 431 66 666-862
Fax: +49 431 66 666-760
Annette Moritz

Foreign trade consultant
Country expertise: Russia
enterprise europe network

Phone: +49 431 66 666-836
Fax: +49 431 66 666-760

Elke Störmer

Foreign trade consultant
enterpreise europe network

Phone: +49 431 66 666-861
Fax: +49 431 66 666-760

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