Many dedicated players contribute to the cause of networking in Schleswig-Holstein’s economy.

Cluster Management and sectors

In Schleswig-Holstein clusters and other networks have emerged as a result of favourable locational factors and spatial proximity. These clusters bundle competencies and interests, promote innovativeness and thus boost the competitiveness of the companies involved.

Shaping the future together
Our cluster policy

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Clusters generate added value through:

  • Exchanging knowledge
  • Promoting interdisciplinary cooperation, bringing together companies and knowledge carriers in new initiatives that transcend industry, cluster and technology barriers
  • Initiating collaborative projects as the starting point for innovations
  • Strengthening the competitiveness of member companies
  • Securing and creating future-proof jobs
  • Bundling business interests to lobby for economic policy measures


WTSH operates professional cluster management in the following sectors:

WTSH also cooperates with the Life Science Nord cluster and is a co-opted partner of the BioMedTec Science Campus in Lübeck.

Other partners in this network, a regional cluster of significance beyond the region, include Lübeck University, Schleswig-Holstein University Clinic, the Leibniz Centre in Borstel, the Fraunhofer Institute for Marine Biotechnology and the Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Image Computing, as well as well-known North German companies.

WTSH’s cluster managers

  • An experienced team made up of competent technologists and industry specialists – so you don’t need to explain much
  • The main interface in a far-reaching industry network – so you can contact the right partners fast
  • Knowledgeable market analysts – so you get the information you need at any time and in an uncomplicated manner
  • Support in the development of new products and ideas – so your business will prosper in future as well
  • Help in obtain funding – so you have the necessary financial resources to implement projects

Contact persons:

Carsten Delfs

Project Manager EE.SH
Innovation Consultant

Phone: +49 461 80 6-3 54
Fax: +49 461 80 6-1 71
Thomas Malessa

Cluster Manager
IT & Media Cluster Management

Phone: +49 431 66 666-859
Fax: +49 431 66 666-792
Matthias Wiese

Branch Manager Schleswig-Holstein
Maritime Cluster Northern Germany

Phone: +49 431 66 666-868
Fax: +49 431 66 666-793
Dr. Carola May

Project Manager
Tourism-Cluster Schleswig-Holstein

Phone: +49 431 66 666-880
Fax: +49 431 66 666-790