Businessland 2020

Dynamic, down-to-earth and innovative – the hallmarks of our medium-sized companies here in Germany’s True North. Time and again we are excited to see innovative products and processes “Made in Schleswig-Holstein” that are in use worldwide. However, the pressure on our companies is growing. Our current achieve- ments are not, therefore, a comforting cushion on which to relax, but rather the springboard for future success. Major change processes are defining the econo- my at the beginning of this millennium. Digitisa- tion and artificial intelligence are unlocking new possibilities – but also new risks. In order to remain internationally competitive, we must develop new, innovative products and services in order to keep one step ahead of the competition. However, alongside the continuous development of their product range, our busi- nesses will increasingly be required to funda- mentally question their strategic orientation and business models. Are “disruptive” developments threatening to turn the market upside down and lead to com- pletely new constellations? How can we prepare for threats of this kind? There is an answer to this – but it is not a simple one. DEAR READER, Dr. Bernd Bösche, Managing Director of the Business Develop- ment and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein (WTSH) In future, small and medium-sized enterprises will also need to embed systematic innovation management in their daily business. Addressing the topic of innovation sporadically, i.e. when­ ever time allows, will no longer be sufficient. Innovation must become a core and permanent task. The necessary structures and processes must be established and new, “agile” methods applied. This also includes being open to new ideas and intensively involving employees. I am certain that our SMEs are very well equipped to meet these new challenges and will continue to compete successfully. For Germany´s True North, the future is therefore one thing above all – a great opportunity! Warm regards Dr. Bernd Bösche 03 EDITORIAL BUSINESSLAND 2020