The cost of setting up a business

Establishing a company in a foreign country always involves a certain amount of expenditure. That is why it is a good idea to find out about the costs in advance – so you can plan your budget, particularly for the start-up phase. Details of the most important expenses incurred when establishing a business in Schleswig-Holstein are summarised below.


Fees for establishing a company in Schleswig-Holstein

How much capital will I need to establish a company in Schleswig-Holstein? The answer to this question depends entirely on the legal form you choose. In the majority of cases the most favourably priced legal form for foreign company founders is the limited liability company, or GmbH as it is known in German. In addition, you will have to pay the statutory fees for a lawyer and a tax advisor, the notarisation fee and the fee for registering the company in the Commercial Register.

Personnel expenses

In Germany you normally look for suitable personnel by contacting the nearest Job Office, employing the services of a headhunter or business consultancy or by advertising the vacancies in the local or national press. To be successful on the German market we recommend hiring one or more native German employees. Besides their linguistic competence they can also play a key role as the link between your foreign company and your German customers or suppliers.
An employee’s gross pay is naturally dependent on his or her qualifications and is usually paid on a monthly basis. To give you something to go on, the average wage of an industrial employee will be between €25,000 and €30,000. At WTSH we will be glad to put you in touch with the relevant Job Offices in Schleswig-Holstein and advise you on the different factors that have to be taken into consideration (wage or salary levels, insurance, job contracts, etc.).


Cost of office space

The cost of office space in Schleswig-Holstein varies greatly depending on the location and how the offices are equipped. The monthly rent may be anywhere between €5 and €15 per square metre. You will be notified of the exact figure on request. As is the case elsewhere, the cost of heating, electricity and telecommunications will have to be added to the cost of the rent. In Germany office rooms are normally rented out in a renovated but unfurnished state. The cost of furniture, office fittings, renovation on leaving, etc. is not covered by the rent.
If you do not want to invest in offices when starting up in Schleswig-Holstein, hiring office space in an office centre is an interesting alternative. An office centre not only offers furnished office space but also services such as a secretariat, conference rooms and office equipment (phone, fax, PC, printer, etc.). Another advantage of an office centre is the more flexible terms of the rental contract, which can usually be terminated at fairly short notice, if required. Office centres can be found in almost every town and district of Schleswig-Holstein. If you are interested, the best idea is to contact us at WTSH because we offer a whole host of specialist property services and can help you find the most suitable premises to meet your needs. Moreover, our service is free of charge and absolutely without obligation.