Clusters as drivers of innovation

The spatial concentration of players in an industry gives rise to clusters - interdisciplinary networks that ensure improved value creation and innovation-friendly framework conditions. If producers, suppliers, research facilities, service providers and supporting institutions work together within such a cluster, it not only promotes the transfer of technology and knowledge between business and science, but also fosters the emergence of new business ideas and creates a suitable environment for start-ups.

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With the state's economy program, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the state government provides targeted support for cluster management in future-oriented and growth industries. The central tasks of cluster management include networking the players in the respective cluster along the value chains. This cluster support is intended not only to strengthen regional innovation potential, but also to develop competitive and sustainable economic structures. Additional goals are to support the energy transition, the development of environmentally compatible economic organisations and infrastructures, and the sustainable use of existing resources. 

WTSH is the sponsor of the cluster organisations "Digital Economy Schleswig-Holstein (DiWiSH)", Tourism Cluster Schleswig-Holstein and "Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCN.SH)" and is also involved in the sponsorship of the "Renewable Energies Network Agency (EE.SH)". The state coordination offices for electromobility and hydrogen economy are also incorporated into the WTSH.

Digital Economy Schleswig-Holstein (DiWiSH)
Networks the digital industry nationwide and promotes the transfer of digital technologies to other sectors of the economy
Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCN.SH)
Promotes cooperation within the northern German maritime industry and creates interfaces with other industries
Network Agency Renewable Energies Schleswig-Holstein (EE.SH)
Supports companies in the renewable energy sector through targeted and strategic cluster marketing and networking activities
Tourism Cluster Schleswig-Holstein
The industry network for all tourism businesses and their employees in Schleswig-Holstein
Life Science North (LSN)
The regional industry network for medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals for the states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

Other industry networks in Schleswig-Holstein

Logistik Initiative
Hanse Innovation Campus Lübeck

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