Commercial sites in Schleswig-Holstein’s economic regions

The whole diversity of Schleswig-Holstein at a glance: the economic regions of the energy coast, the Kiel area, Schleswig-Flensburg, Nordgate and Hansebelt can offer the right commercial property for every interested party, whether you’re looking for a greenfield or brownfield site, an industrial area, production facility or office space. Experts from the individual economic areas and the WTSH are available to answer your questions. 

Schleswig-Holstein wants to take greater advantage of the development opportunities in the growth areas while simultaneously achieving sustainable development in economic, social and ecological terms. The potential of the regions alongside the state development axes will be increasingly utilised and further developed. 

Take advantage of the unique geographical positioning of Germany’s true north, strong future-oriented sectors and an ideal work–life balance for your company! 

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Economic regions

Energieküste Logo
Schleswig-Holstein’s western coast offers an abundance of green energy. It awaits you as a location of the future, taking great strides towards realising a completely climate-neutral energy system. You will find ideal conditions here and a dynamic environment for developing and testing innovative technologies for the energy transition, including green hydrogen, batteries for electric mobility and microelectronics as well as robotics.
Flensburg-Schleswig Logo
The Flensburg-Schleswig economic region in northern Germany is a dynamic location for businesses, offering attractive opportunities for growth, cooperation and innovation.
KielRegion Logo
The Kiel region – with its districts of Rendsburg-Eckernförde and Plön, as well as the state capital of Kiel – is an innovative location that has a lot to offer companies with ambitious goals.
Hansebelt Logo
Here in the north between Hamburg and Copenhagen lies the Hanseatic Belt. With the Hanseatic city of Lübeck at its heart, it is not only the natural gateway to the growth markets in the Baltic Sea region, but as part of the Hamburg metropolitan region it also offers optimal access to world markets.
Six municipalities on the A7 motorway offer commercial space in a prime location – with perfect connections to Hamburg Airport and the Port of Hamburg, with first-class infrastructure and with comprehensive advisory services. 

Any questions?

Jürgen Delfs
Director of Business Investment Department
Phone: +49 431 66 66 6 - 870
Steffen Assfalg
Investment Consultant
Phone: +49 431 66 66 6 - 872
Pascal Guillermin
Investment Consultant
Phone: +49 431 66 66 6 - 572
Kristian Hamel
Investment Consultant
Phone: +49 431 66 66 6 - 878
Petra Stangenberg
Investment Hotel Consultant
Phone: +49 431 66 66 6 - 877
Nicole Wallmann
Investment Consultant
Phone: +49 431 66 66 6 - 876
Beate Zitzlaff
Investment Consultant
Phone: +49 431 66 66 6 - 874

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Schleswig-Holstein: Real diversity
More than a business location: Schleswig-Holstein is not only convincing with its unique geographical location as a transport hub in the middle of Europe and with a globally successful medium-sized company, with strong future industries and an active science and research landscape.
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