Individual location consulting

When it comes to your economic success in the true North, WTSH is your central contact. No matter whether you want to start a new company, establish a branch office or relocate or expand your business: We support you free of charge, competently and with great regional and specialised knowledge in all phases of establishment or expansion. If necessary, we use our extensive network to initiate valuable contacts or open doors and, of course, we also advise you individually on all funding opportunities and financing issues.  

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Information on the regional economy and the location “Schleswig-Holstein”
  • Information on existing infrastructures
  • Search for suitable commercial space and commercial real estate
  • Development of individual site solutions
  • Information on public funding
  • Contact with the funding institutions of the state
  • Support in securing your financing
  • Establishing contacts with public and private institutions in the state
  • Mediation when negotiating with authorities
  • Support in the processing of applications and approval processes

Your contact

Jürgen Delfs
Director of Business Investment Department
Phone: +49 431 66 66 6 - 870
Pascal Guillermin
Investment Consultant
Phone: +49 431 66 66 6 - 572
Kristian Hamel
Investment Consultant
Phone: +49 431 66 66 6 - 878
Dr. Denise Joecks-Laß
Investment Consultant
Phone: +49 431 66 66 6 - 573
Nicole Wallmann
Investment Consultant
Phone: +49 431 66 66 6 - 876
Beate Zitzlaff
Investment Consultant
Phone: +49 431 66 66 6 - 874

Schleswig-Holstein. Real diversity

We are much more than just a business location: Schleswig-Holstein not only impresses with its unique geographical location as a transport hub in the middle of Europe and with a globally successful SME sector, with strong future-oriented industries and an active science and research infrastructure. After work, entrepreneurs, founders and employees also find ideal conditions here for their very own feel-good balance of work and life: Two seas, endless horizons and unspoiled natural landscapes are just as typical here as urban centres and leisure activities that leave nothing to be desired - from culture and culinary delights to sports and wellness. Simply put, this state has it all.

Use location advantages of the true north

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