The Hansebelt is a region like no other.

Up here in the north, between Hamburg and Fehmarn, there’s the Hansebelt. The Hansebelt is the bridge between northern Germany, Denmark and southern Sweden. On the German side, the districts of Ostholstein, Segeberg, Stormarn and Herzogtum Lauenburg combine with the Hanseatic city of Lübeck to form a strong regional backdrop right at the centre of the EU’s Scandinavia–Mediterranean Corridor, offering promising future prospects. With the Hanseatic city of Lübeck at its heart, the Hansebelt not only is the natural gateway to the growth markets in the Baltic Sea region, but also offers optimal access to global markets by being part of the Hamburg metropolitan region.

The Hansebelt is in large parts one of the strongest business regions in Schleswig-Holstein. This can be seen, for example, in its gross domestic product (GDP) and employment trends. It is also reflected in the structure and demand for land in the flourishing industrial areas along the national development axes and the main connection axes that have been developed in the spaces in between in recent years. 

At the same time, the location between Germany’s second-largest city, Hamburg, in the south (approximately 1.8 million inhabitants) and the Copenhagen (population over 1.3 million) and the Öresund regions in the north has exceptional potential in view of the planned completion of the Fehmarn Belt fixed link in 2029. The completion of this major infrastructure project is set to deliver not only an expansion of the regional economy’s sales and purchase markets, but also an improvement of the road and rail networks that currently become sparser the further away they are from Lübeck and metropolitan Hamburg. Accordingly, the accessibility of peripheral areas is expected to be optimized through the hinterland connections that will come with the Fehmarn Belt fixed link.

Information about commercial space in the individual regions can be found here:

Gewerbeflächen Lauenburg - WFL Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Herzogtum Lauenburg mbH

Gewerbeflächen Lübeck - GIP - Wirtschaftsförderung Lübeck GmbH

Gewerbeflächen Ostholstein - Entwicklungsgesellschaft Ostholstein mbH EGOH

Gewerbeflächen im Kreis Segeberg - WKS Wirtschaftsförderung Kreis Segeberg 

Gewerbeflächen Stormarn - WAS Stormarn


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Hansebelt Here in the north between Hamburg and Copenhagen lies the Hanseatic Belt. With the Hanseatic city of Lübeck at its heart, it is not only the natural gateway to the growth markets in the Baltic Sea region, but as part of the Hamburg metropolitan region it also offers optimal access to world markets.
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23554 Lübeck
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Michaela Bierschwall
Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Herzogtum Lauenburg mbH
Phone: +49 4541 - 860 40
Andreas Marx
Wirtschafts- und Aufbaugesellschaft Stormarn mbH
Phone: +49 4531 - 127 214
René Knakowski
Wirtschaftsentwicklungsgesellschaft Kreis Segeberg mbH
Phone: +49 4551 - 908 62 16
Dirk Bremken
Entwicklungsgesellschaft Ostholstein mbH
Phone: +49 4521 - 808 830
Christoph Bergob-Jachens
Business Development Lübeck GmbH
Phone: +49 451 - 706 55 24
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