A balmy –269°C

Special HEROSE valves ensure ‘ice-cold’ reliability

The special valves from market leader HEROSE work their best when the temperature is so low that gases become liquid. These products from Bad Oldesloe can be seen in tankers on the road or in hospital operations. They are put to use when goods are flash-frozen or when Ariane rockets need to be tested. 

Why do gases need to be liquefied in the first place? 

Cryogenic liquefaction reduces the volumes of industrial gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and argon by up to 600 times. This makes transport and storage significantly more cost-effective. The materials also need to withstand extreme temperatures in line with the requirements. It is precisely these things that HEROSE has been ensuring for its customers for 150 years now. Having led the company – which wins awards for its family-friendliness – for five generations, the Zschalich family is directing it along its success journey in the new millennium. 

A tradition of innovation at HEROSE

The long-serving managing director Wilfried Zschalich guided HEROSE to become a world leader. He invested in a new production site in 1996 and put a consistent focus on cryogenic and safety valves made of stainless steel and bronze. His son, Dirk Zschalich, promoted digitalisation and internationalisation within the company starting in 2003. He took HEROSE and made it into a group of companies with subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, China, India and Australia. Comprehensive investment made the machinery state of the art, whilst digitalisation raised efficiency and lowered costs.

Managing Partner Dirk Zschalich says, ‘We have developed custom solutions for our customers for 150 years. We set standards and are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of safety valves for industrial applications and the number one in cryogenic technology. Our motto of “built to endure” applies to our history as well as our products in equal measure.’

HEROSE keeps the future in sight with a ten-year strategy. The group is seeking to further expand its presence in the US market and take on the futuristic subject of hydrogen even more extensively. Cutting-edge, innovative products such as the FullX series and high-performance shut-off valves that function perfectly in vacuum-insulated systems from –269°C to 80°C have a key role in this.


  • Location: Bad Oldesloe
  • Founded: 1873
  • Employees: >510 weltweit
  • Service: Safety valves in the low-temperature range, fittings, pressure regulators
  • Branche: mechanical engineering
  • More information: www.herose.com

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